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I've Got a Garden!

Well a bit of one anyway! I haven't finished designing the whole garden, but have got enough finalised to start creating some of it. This is also a practical way to work out how to implement the rest of the design.

The area I'm working on was part of the lawn, but just under the surface is a lot of stone. The area used to have a number of outbuildings, and access to the field, and I think stuff has been dumped there too over the years. Building this first bed is therefore part of the site survey and evaluation, as well as part of the actual implementation. I don't think that following a linear design process works very well for me, or this site!

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This site is all about my Permaculture Diploma. It's currently being developed, so lots more stuff will be added gradually.

What is the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design?

The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design is internationally recognised as the next step for people who have done a Permaculture Design Course. The Diploma formally recognises and accredits a persons permaculture practice. The Diploma is not a taught course like the Permaculture Design Course, it is a scheme for supporting an extended period of self-directed learning. It is based around the projects and activities that you are involved in and that you set yourself. You plan and carry out your own course of self-managed study, taking on projects of your own choosing and carrying out the permaculture design process with these projects. You document your work and put it together in a portfolio. This work is assessed by diploma holders and accredited by the Permaculture Association. There are 2 routes to achieving the Diploma:

  • The Supported Route: this includes tutor support and guidance.
  • The Independent Route: for people who wish to accredit an existing body of work with no tutor support prior to accreditation.

I originally signed up to the Supported Route some years ago, but hadn't made much progress when the Diploma system was upgraded and I needed to re-register. I am now on the Independent Route.

This site contains:

  • A Blog: where I will waffle on about various permaculture related stuff.
  • My Portfolio: this is the work I need to present for my accreditation. You will find Diploma Guidance notes on what is required or recommended in each section.
  • Further Information: information on Permaculture, the Diploma process, links to relevant web sites, and other useful information.

Over time, aspects of the site will change and evolve, as I go through the process of Evaluating and Tweaking that is an important element of putting Permaculture into practice.

What are those tags at the bottom of many pages?

They say odd things like “3.08-media” or “p06-waste”. They are a way to collect together pages that meet particular Permaculture Principles and Diploma Assessment Criteria. The ones that start with a number are the criteria, and those beginning with a p are Principles, and are abbreviations of the full description. You can see what they mean by visiting the Assessment Criteria and Principles pages.

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